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The Purpose of the Susitna Community Council (SCC) is to promote the general improvement of the community by providing a communication channel between groups and individuals both within and outside the community, to promote studies, surveys, and other activities to determine current and future community needs, and to coordinate and encourage voluntary cooperation and participation in establishing programs to meet community needs, by giving:
  1. People a method by which they can work together for expression and discussion of their opinions, needs, and desires in a manner that will have an impact on SCC area development and services;
  2. Government agencies a method for receiving opinions, needs, desires, and recommendations of SCC residents and groups;
  3. Local governing bodies an improved basis for decision-making and assignment of priorities for all capital improvements and governmental programs affecting community developments and well being;
  4. The community a means to comply with governmental or comprehensive plan mandates.
  5. This community council will make every effort to comply with all state and borough laws that govern community councils.
The Susitna Community Council (formerly Y Community Council) was formed February 4th, 1986 by MSB RS86-17

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